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Monday, February 24, 2020

[FREE EBOOK]Excel Basics 2016

[FREE EBOOK]Excel Basics 2016

Each discussion of a topic briefly addresses the question of what a particular feature is good for before
launching into how to use it. In Excel, as with most other sophisticated programs, you usually have more
than one way to do a task. For the sake of your sanity, I have purposely limited the choices by usually
giving you only the most efficient ways to do a particular task. Later, if you’re so tempted, you can
experiment with alternative ways of doing a task. For now, just concentrate on performing the task as I
As much as possible, I’ve tried to make it unnecessary for you to remember anything covered in another
section of the book. From time to time, however, you will come across a cross-reference to another
section or chapter in the book. For the most part, such cross-references are meant to help you get
more complete information on a subject, should you have the time and interest. If you have neither, no
problem. Just ignore the cross-references as if they never existed.
When you come across a section that contains the steps you take to get something done, you can safely
ignore all text accompanying the steps (the text that isn’t in bold) if you have neither the time nor the
inclination to wade through more material.
Whenever possible, I have also tried to separate background or footnote-type information from the
essential facts by exiling this kind of junk to a sidebar (look for blocks of text on a gray background).
Often, these sections are flagged with icons that let you know what type of information you will encounter
there. You can easily disregard text marked this way. (I’ll scoop you on the icons I use in this book a little
I’m only going to make one foolish assumption about you, and that is that you have some need to
use Microsoft Excel 2016 in your work or studies. If pushed, I further guess that you aren’t particularly
interested in knowing Excel at an expert level but are terribly motivated to find out how to do the stuff you
need to get done. If that’s the case, this is definitely the book for you. Fortunately, even if you happen
to be one of those newcomers who’s highly motivated to become the company’s resident spreadsheet
guru, you’ve still come to the right place.
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