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Sunday, February 23, 2020

[Free ebook]Excel 2019 Macros and VBA: An Introduction to Excel Programming (Excel 2019 Mastery)

[Free ebook]Excel 2019 Macros and VBA: An Introduction to Excel Programming (Excel 2019 Mastery)



Product description

Enhance Your Productivity with Excel Automation

Maybe you regularly format a set of Excel data you’ll like to automate, or you regularly perform repetitive data-crunching tasks that you’re trying to automate. Perhaps you got a new job (congratulations). If you are new to Excel programming and you want a crash course to get you up and running with creating your own Excel applications, you've come to the right place. This book will hold your hands through the process of learning how to program Excel to maximize its power, and in the process, enhance your productivity. Excel 2019 Macros & VBA starts off with a walkthrough on how to use the macro recorder to record your actions in Excel. Then we delve right into Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and all the essentials you need to start creating applications from scratch that automate Excel.

Create Your Own Customized Functions for Any Kind of Calculation

Have you ever had a calculation you would like to perform but it requires a convoluted Excel formula with several nested functions? Excel formulas are great, but when your solution requires multiple decisions, formulas can begin to get too convoluted. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) gives you more flexibility in what you can do. VBA provides a cleaner and more efficient way to perform complex calculations and return the result with just one custom function.
Unlike some other programming books, this book does not assume you have any programming experience. The information has been delivered in a user-friendly manner without unnecessary technical jargon.
All source code samples from the book are included in a downloadable file.
After reading this book, you'll know how to:
  • Record and run macros.
  • Edit and customize your recorded macros.
  • Assign macros to custom buttons on the Excel toolbar or in your worksheet.
  • Use the Visual Basic Editor.
  • Create and use variables, procedures, and modules in VBA.
  • Control program flow with programming constructs for decision making and looping.
  • Use the Excel object model to create applications to automate Excel.
  • Use a wide array of debugging tools to obliterate even difficult to find bugs and errors in your code.
  • Create efficient custom functions for complex calculations instead of using cumbersome Excel formulas.
  • Create Excel add-ins to easily package and distribute your work.
  • Use several predesigned macros in this book in your own worksheets.
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About the Author

Nathan George is a computer science graduate with several years' experience in the IT services industry in different roles, including Excel programming and providing end-user support to Excel power users. One of his main interests is using computers to automate tasks and increase productivity. As an author, he has written several technical and non-technical books.
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