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Friday, February 14, 2020

[FREE EBOOK]Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants-Neale Blackwood

[FREE EBOOK]Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants-Neale Blackwood



Product description

The advanced tools accountants need to build automated, reliable, and scalable reports using Excel
Learn about the functions that work together to automate many of the processes involved in Management Reporting. See how to take advantage of the many new features of Excel 2007 and 2010. Find out how to build validation structures into your spreadsheet reports. Discover how to identify missing or new codes, either in the creation process or in the day-to-day running of the reports. Do it all with Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants.
  • Explore the structures that simplify the report creation process and make the reports more maintainable
  • Learn techniques to "cleanse" data so that it is ready for use in Pivot Tables and formula-based reports
  • Find out the tips and tricks that can make the creation process quicker and easier
  • Discover all you need to know about Excel's summing functions and how versatile they can be
Written in a hands-on style that works towards the completion of two reporting case studies, Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants explains and demonstrates techniques so that Management Accountants can learn how to automate many aspects of the reporting process.

From the Back Cover

Praise for Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants
“Neale Blackwood, a long-time spreadsheet user and trainer, shares his knowledge of Excel reporting in a manner that’s both thorough and easy to follow. He starts with the basics, and gradually introduces key topics that utilize commonly accepted best practices. This book will make your Excel reporting more useful and less prone to errors.”
—John Walkenbach, Author of Excel 2013 Bible
“This book is essential reading for anyone involved in Excel reporting. It provides great insights about not only the most relevant and useful functions of Excel for reporting and management accounting, but also how to apply these in practical ways that will improve your thinking and make your reporting more efficient. Neale knows more about management accounting and Excel reporting than anyone I know, and this book allows you to benefit from his experience so you can avoid the pitfalls and dramatically improve your Excel reports.”
—Jeff Robson, CEO & Principal Business Analyst, Access Analytic
“Neale has brilliantly applied his considerable experience and expertise in writing this book. With clear descriptions and straightforward analogies, he gets inside the mind of the reporting analyst. With useful guidance on Excel reporting best practices, the reader does not waste time on unnecessary features but instead is guided to invaluable time-saving techniques. By applying the simple yet effective methodology described in this comprehensive book, even an experienced management reporting analyst will improve the efficiency, integrity, and robustness of their reporting tools. Definitely a career-booster!”
—Danielle Stein Fairhurst, Financial Modelling Specialist & Presenter, Plum Solutions
“Neale is very well known for his practical Excel skills and knowledge. His new book, Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants, is highly recommended and will be useful to both accounting students and professionals alike.”
—William Beattie, CPA, Business & Finance Analyst
“This book is chock-full of well-explained good ideas. With hundreds of tips, even if you simply choose any three to consistently implement, your management reports (and all your spreadsheets in general) will be greatly improved. Apply more than three and your work will significantly reduce the likelihood of both qualitative and quantitative errors. Although the book uses the title ‘Advanced,’ the name relates more to the outputs than the user techniques; the language is approachable, and the book builds through from improving Excel program usability to improving the Excel spreadsheets. A great go-to manual to keep and re-read time and again.”
—Eve Blackall, Smart Accounting – the Science of Business Success

About the Author

Neale Blackwood has been using spreadsheets since the late 80’s. Starting with Lotus and moving to Excel in the mid 90’s. His roles have included Accountant, Project Accountant, Financial Controller and Management Accountant. He developed most of his advanced Excel skills as a Management Accountant.
An Australian CPA and certified Microsoft Office Specialist Expert, he has written for the CPA Australia monthly magazine, INTHEBLACK, since 2002. He has written over 100 of his regular "Excel Yourself" articles and eight feature articles for the magazine. He has freely answered Excel questions from Australian CPA's from many different countries for over nine years.
He has presented at numerous CPA Australia events in Australia, from one hour sessions to half-day Master Classes. He writes and presents his own XL@Lunch Excel webinars to people from around the globe.

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