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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Time for another Excel formula / Power Query challenge

Time for another Excel formula / Power Query challenge. This is based on a common business data analysis problem. Say you have two tables – calls log and office hours. Call log tells when each call is received. Office hours tell us working hours for seven days of the week. We want to know how many calls are outside office hours.

Count calls outside office hours - how to count or identify them? Business data analysis in Excel

Count calls outside business hours – problem

So you are up for the challenge eh? Just follow the below steps.
You have three problems to solve.
  1. Write a formula in calls table to identify if a call is outside office hours. Can be Yes/No or TRUE/FALSE
  2. Write a single formula outside the tables to count how many calls were made outside office hours. The answer should be 693. You can use helper columns (or the column in problem#1) if you want.
  3. Set up a Power Query to filter all outside office hours calls.
Successful in finding the answers? Please post them in comments.
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