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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Remove gridline in EXCEL

Remove gridline in EXCEL

By default, gridline is not printed on paper.  Nevertheless, I would usually remove gridline when I submit my report, or paste part of a spreadsheet into PowerPoint or Word.  Why? Simply for better look and feel.
See the screenshots below to see the impact:
Excel Tips - Remove Gridlines 0

By simply taking out the gridline, the same presentation looks better instantly.
Excel Tips - Remove Gridlines 0.1
So why you keep your gridline in your report?  Probably two main reasons…
  1. Lazy
  2. Don’t know how to remove gridline
For the former one, I could offer you no help.  ;p
For the latter one, here’s the simple step to remove gridline: Uncheck the Gridlines

Excel 2007 or later (Ribbon –> View Tab) Excel Tips - Remove Gridlines 1

Excel 2003 (Tools –> Options)

Excel Tips - Remove Gridlines 2

Btw, I have seen many people using a trick of applying WHITE FILL to cells of whole sheet in order to get the same visual effect.  However, I would not suggest so.   Have you ever seen a color printout on colored-paper?  Can you imagine what it looks like if all the cells are WHITE filled?
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