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Friday, January 17, 2020

Quickly Change Formulas Using Find / Replace

Quickly Change Formulas Using Find / Replace

So you have built that spreadsheet report your boss wanted. And you are all geared up to use it in your presentation. But in the last minute, your boss asks you to change average sales to total sales figures (or measure growth wrt to 2018 instead of 2017). You also want to grab an espresso before rushing to the meeting. Now what?
Simple, skip the coffee.
Of course, I am kidding, who would skip coffee for a bunch of formulas ? So, we use Find / Replace to do the dirty work while we let the roasted beans restore sanity. Just press Ctrl+` (it is the key next to 1), this will enable formula view. Now press Ctrl+H and change the spreadsheet formulas or input range en masse.

Find replace formulas to change them quickly in Excel.
What are you still waiting for? Go get that espresso!
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