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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial free PDF

Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial free PDF

  • Entering Data into Excel, Displaying Experimental Data
  • Basic Spreadsheet Operations, Saving the File
  • Setting up the Spreadsheet, Tables and Graphs Formatting
  • Evaluation Checklist, Fitting Linear Models to Data: Regression
  • Mathematical Models, Estimating the Elasticity (E) and its Uncertainty
  • Plotting the Regression Results
  • Frequency Distributions and Importing Data
  • Column Charts of Frequency Distributions
  • Sorting Data, Importing Data from an ASCII File
  • Quick Excel Summary, Summary of Statistical Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis, Regression Analysis
  • Important Tips and Tricks for your Reports and Analysis
  • Copying Figures or Tables as Pictures, Table Borders in Word
  • Calling Variables in Excel and Managing Them
  • Selecting All Data in a Column, Transposing Column Data into a Row
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