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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Input line break in a cell – ALT ENTER

Input line break in a cell – ALT ENTER

In Word, it is so simple to input a line break by pressing Enter.  However in Excel, pressing Enter will take you to the cell below.
To input line break in Excel requires just a simple key combination.  What you need is to press the ALT and ENTER keys together.  Yes.  It is as simple as that.
Btw, there are always unexpected way of doing that in workplace.  Take a look at the screenshot below.
Excel Tips - Line Break
They looks like the same? but input in different ways:
In A1:Excel Tips - Line break 1
In C1: Excel Tips - Line break 2
When the column width is changed, they no longer look the same.
Excel Tips - Line break 3
Can you tell which one is the proper way now?
Note: Wrap Text is turned on automatically when you input line break by pressing ALT ENTER
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