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Friday, January 17, 2020

FREE Excel Invoice Template V1.0 with Customer and Product list – Unlocked + Download ready!

FREE Excel Invoice Template V1.0 with Customer and Product list – Unlocked + Download ready!

Everyone loves getting paid but to get paid one needs to send invoice and to make an invoice that is not only effective from a business perspective but also help you get invoicing done efficiently is not that easy as it is quite hectic that you have type in all the products, their prices, then sum the total of each product and then find the total of all products sold and then discount and tax calculations…. yeah it can become a mess…
But I have something ubercool for you today i.e. Easy Invoice Template! Have a look:
invoice templateClick here to download Easy Invoice Template V1.0
Looks good right? Well it does even better because:

1 – It has a simple to populate customer and product database where you can add or delete customers and products.
invoice template 1
2 – It updates on run time basis as and when you add or subtract customers or products or make any changes to their records.
3 – With the help of drop-down lists inside invoice, inserting products and customers is easy and error free. Also if the record updates the input values in drop-down lists are also going to be updated
invoice template 2
4 – Invoice automatically fetches related data for you and saves you tonnes of time. For example when you pick a customer from the list, his/her address, contact etc will be populated automatically. Same way when product is selected its unit price is fetched automatically.
invoice template 3
5 – Format of invoice adjusts itself automatically if more items are inserted or few are deleted thus keeping it dynamic and the part after listing portion moves accordingly without destroying the integrity of invoice.
invoice template 4
6 – As the invoice is updated, the print area stretches or contracts accordingly i.e. you always print only the invoice leaving other bits behind thus saving you time for setting print area every time you update invoice.
invoice template 5
7 – Automatically highlights if a same product is selected again in the invoice warning the user of mistake. Also highlights where the same product has already been listed so that user can easily update that record if necessary. Also it reduces the error of duplication and double counting.
invoice template 6
8 – Can set discount rate and Excel will automatically calculates the rest of the things for you
invoice template 7
9 – Tax rate can be changed as well without a worry
invoice template 8
10 – This template or file is completely unlocked and you can tinker and tailor as you desire

I think these points must have convinced you by now so download the Easy Invoice Template by clicking here

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📤You download App installed directly on the latest phone here :

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