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Sunday, January 5, 2020

[Free ebook]Access Solutions: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets from Microsoft Access MVPs

[Free ebook]Access Solutions: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets from Microsoft Access MVPs



Product description

Two Microsoft Access MVPs show how you can become an Access power user
  • Microsoft Access is the world’s leading database system, with millions of users and hundreds of thousands of developers. The best practices, tips, and techniques in this book can turn users into power users.
  • Millions of eager users make Access the most popular database system in the world
    These Microsoft MVPs exploit key features in Access, providing advice on techniques for capturing, sharing and reporting Access data.
  • Each tip provides detailed solutions with clear instructions for implementation, and samples of all can be found on the companion Web site
Access 2010 Solutions offers professional advice that enables every Access user to get greater value from the Access database system.

From the Back Cover

If you use Access, you need this book
This is not another book about how Access works or how to design databases. It's a collection of real solutions to real-world database problems faced by every Access user and developer. If you do anything more with Access than make a simple list, you'll benefit from the wisdom these experts have gathered in more than a decade of assisting Access developers and users.
If you want practical solutions that achieve proven results, this is your book.
  • Simulate drag and drop in Access forms
  • Dynamically change sort order of a report
  • Create tables for SharePoint® applications
  • Do high-speed lookups
  • Implement Soundex in Access
  • Use ActiveX® controls in Access
  • Create reports that summarize data graphically
  • Add custom control types to Access forms
Companion website
Visit the Wiley companion website at www.wiley.com/go/accesssolutions to download all the code samples in this book.
Solutions included in this book work with Access 2010 and prior versions.

About the Author

Arvin Meyer is Chief Database Architect at Data Strategies and a 10-year Microsoft MVP. He also performs Webmaster duties for The Access Web (www.mvps.org/access), the major Access FAQ resource in the world with over 35,000 hits daily. He is one of the technical editors of Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions, published by Wiley.
Douglas J. Steele has been an Access MVP since 1999. He has written about Access for Smart Access magazine, Advisor Media, and Database Journal, and is technical editor for the Access 2010 Bible, published by Wiley.
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