[Free ebook 2020]Professor Geek Explains Excel's Ribbon Interface-Edward Mondrian - KING OF EXCEL

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

[Free ebook 2020]Professor Geek Explains Excel's Ribbon Interface-Edward Mondrian

[Free ebook 2020]Professor Geek Explains Excel's Ribbon Interface-Edward Mondrian




Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and widely used programs in the business world. If you have yet to experience the power of this important tool or simply want to learn more about Excel, this is the book for you. It is a book for anyone who has never used Excel, those who haven’t used a version of Excel with the Ribbon Interface, and for anyone else who has ever had trouble finding something they know Excel does but is not sure where to find it in Excel’s Ribbon interface.

Excel is very good at calculations and putting data in charts and graphs, but it is much more versatile than simply being a tool for number crunching. You can use Excel to manipulate all types of data both text (words) and numbers. You can arrange data in different orders to better analyze it and you can filter data to isolate the most important items. You can add graphics (images and photos), animations, and sound to your worksheets to make them more interesting to you and your users. You can use macros to automate repetitive tasks. These and many other tasks can be performed with the thousands of commands on the Ribbon Interface and you need to be thoroughly versed in the functions found on the Ribbon in order to get the most out of Excel.

Many online sources and other books about Excel frequently give the steps to perform without illustrating how the task is to be done. This book, on the other hand, has over eight hundred images that leave nothing to the imagination as they show you precisely what you will see and what you need to do each step of the way.

Because this in an eBook rather than a regular printed book, it has several advantages over an ordinary book. If a passage in the eBook references another portion of the eBook, there will be a hyperlink to that other portion so you can go there instantly. This eBook also has a large, specially created index with over 1500 entries that are hyperlinked back to the passage where the topics are explained or introduced. Prior to the index, five appendices (B through F) subdivide the index into groups to make it even easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. For example, Appendix E contains a hyperlinked list of all the commands explained in the eBook. Appendix A is a bit different in that it contains a list of all of the captions of the numbered figures in the eBook so you can easily find the figure you want. In addition, most of the index entries have an explanation to help you decide which index entry you want to use. For example, instead of simply listing the entry Greater Than and giving you two locations where Greater Than can be found, there are two separate entries for Greater Than, which are:

Greater Than… option (Highlight Cell Rules)

Greater Than dialog box

The first entry tells you that the Greater Than… option is in the section about Highlighting Cell Rules while the second entry refers you to the Greater Than dialog box. As mentioned, the entries will be hyperlinks that will jump directly to the information about the topics rather than simply giving you page numbers as a printed book would do.

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