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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

EXCEL 2007/2019 - Time Saving Tips & Tricks free PDF

EXCEL 2007/2019 - Time Saving Tips & Tricks free PDF

  • Introduction, Controlling the Worksheet View
  • ALL Sheets in a Workbook, Viewing Worksheets in Multiple Windows
  • Worksheet Window into Panes, Keeping Column or Row headings in view using Freeze Panes, View All Open Workbooks, Hiding and Un-hiding a Worksheet, Hide & Un-hide Columns & Rows
  • Working With Ranges, Enter same data in multiple cells at once
  • Selecting Ranges: Keyboard or Mouse, Selecting Nonadjacent Ranges
  • Repeating Row and Column Labels on each page
  • Using Page Break Preview, Changing Text Alignment & Text Angle in a Cell, Horizontal & Vertical Alignment Options
  • Wrapping or Shrinking text to fit the cell, Merging Cells into One Cell
  • Text Functions, Convert Text to Columns, Change Format of Text List
  • Other Cool Stuff to know, Insert a Cell Comment (Note)
  • Easy Fractions, Instant Zoom, Conditional Formatting
  • Quickly view Average, Sum, Count Information for a set of data
  • Use AutoFill to quickly complete a data pattern
  • Copy visible data in a spreadsheet with hidden columns or rows 
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