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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Developer tab in excel- Excel VBA, Macro tutorial for beginners to make excel vba programming

Developer tab in excel- Excel VBA, Macro tutorial for beginners to make excel vba programming

Tutorial 2

Like any software in Excel, if we want to manage data through user form, then we have to learn VBARead the article written in Tutorial 1 on what is Excel VBA and Macro. The first step to create a user form is to add the developer tab. You can create and record macros in the Developer tab itself.

1. How to Enable Developer tab in Excel ?

Open any Excel file, click on the File option, click on the lowest option. A new window of Excel Options will open. Click on Customize Ribbon. Two lists will appear. In the second list, tick the Developer tab and click on OK. The Developer tab will be added to Excel's default tab. From this tab, you will be able to record macros and by clicking on the option of Visual Basic, you will be able to open the window of Microsoft Visual Basic for Application easily.

File >> Option >> Customize Ribbon >> Developer 

2. Microsoft Visual Basic for Application (Alt+11)

You can also open Microsoft Visual Basic for Application with this shortcut key Alt + 11 without adding developer tab.

3. How to Create Macro Enable Workbook ? 

When we create a macro in Excel, we have to enable the macro in the Excel file to run the macro. Otherwise macros are not saved. Before 2003 there was no need to enable macro in Excel.
For Macro enabled workbook, click on File option and click on Save As . Select File format-  Excel Micro Enable Workbook (.xlsm) is to save the file in this format by giving the name of the file.

File >> Save as >> Excel Micro Enable Workbook (.xlsm) >> Save

In this way, our file for Excel VBA & Excel Macro is ready.

4 How to auto run Macro ? 

Remove Alert - Security warning alert  Macros have been disabled (Enable content)
Enable developer tab in excel | Excel Macro, VBA tutorial for beginners | Tutorial 2

Security warning alert appears as soon as the macro enabled workbook is opened. To remove it, click on the File and click on the Option. From the window of Excel Options, click on Trust Center Settings from the menu on the right left side and click on Trust Center SettingsEnable all macros (not recommended: potentially dangerous code can run) of Macro Setting by clicking Macro Setting in the Trust Center window.(Excel Desk does not recommend it.)

File >> option >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Macro Setting >> Enable all macros 

In this way, you can enable Macro and Visual Basic for Excel. In the next Excel VBA tutorial, we will start User form in VBA
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