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Monday, December 30, 2019

Surveys & Forms in Excel

Excel Surveys & Forms in Excel. Photo Credit: Mael BALLAND at
One way to use the feature is to start at If you use OneDrive for Business, you might see a Forms icon as the fourth icon in the Insert tab. But others will see a Survey icon, which is not as robust.
A browser will open and you can build your form. Click New Question. Forms offers support for seven question types. Don't miss the useful Ranking or Likert types hidden behind the three dots.
As you are building survey questions, there are four question types visible: Choice, Text, Ranking, Date. But if you click on the three dots, you have more choices such as Raking, Likert, and New Promoter Score.
Type the question and possible answers.
With a multiple choice question, type the question and some answers. You can Add Option to increase the number of possible answers. Use Add Other Option to allow people to type their own answer.
When you are done with all questions, click Share in the top right corner. You can share via a link, or via e-mail, or using the QR Code.
On the Share tab, you can generate a link, download a QR Code, get embed code, or e-mail the survey to recipients.
Try it: point your cell phone camera at the bar code below. A box should appear offering to open a web page.
A QR code that leads to a survey.
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