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Monday, December 30, 2019

Move cells by Right-click Drag and Drop

Move cells by Right-click Drag and Drop

How to swap adjacent cell quickly? How to insert new items in the middle of a table? How to move cells more efficiently?… by using mouse…

Excel Tips - Move Cell by Right Click
Last week, I learned from Debra Dalgleish to convert formula into value by using mouse.  What a simple and handy trick!  Honestly, I have never seen that before even though I knew the same trick for Fill.   After watching her demo, I experienced that on my own and realized that it works for moving cells too.  To me, it’s like a discovery of new land. Why? Because that’s a handy alternative to Cut and Insert Cut Cells… Excel Tips - Move Cell by Right Click 1 To perform the task above, I used to use Cut and Insert Cut Cells…
  1. Select the target cells
  2. CTRL X (to cut the cells); or right click –> Cut
  3. Select the destination cells
  4. Right Click –> Insert Cut Cells…
p.s. I observed some users tend to Cut the row/column and then insert the cut row/column, by doing so you move everything else outside the intended range and that can be very dangerous move… be caution if you have this habit too.

With Right-Click Drag and Drop, it can be done in just two clicks:

Excel Tips - Move Cell by Right Click 2 Isn’t it quicker?  Let’s try and experience it on your own.

Reminder: To move cell, you need to move your cursor to an edge of the selection range (the thick border), where the cursor changes to “hand” or “cross with arrow heads”.
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