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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Keep Duplicate Records In Power Query

Keep Duplicate Records In Power Queryx

We generally take out duplicate lines but if we need to keep and check what the duplicates are, Power Query allows us to do that. Suppose you have a set of data as shown in below image. You can see that the marked ones are duplicate values, let’s keep them. DATA WITH DUPLICATE RECORDS

Step 1: Go to Power Query Editor from Power BI Desktop

Get Data > Excel file > Load > Excel Data > Home > Edit Queries

Step 2: Keep the duplicate rows in Power Query Editor

Go to Home > Keep Rows button > Keep Duplicates option
KEEP DUPLICATE RECORDS in Power Query (Power Bi)

Step 3: Close & Apply Changes

Click on Close & Apply option from the Home tab and this will apply all the pending changes on your data. When you open the file again, it will be saved as it is.
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