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Saturday, December 14, 2019

[Free ebook]Excel VBA: Learn Excel VBA Programming in 1 Day

[Free ebook]Excel VBA: Learn Excel VBA Programming in 1 Day



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Learn to automate Excel using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

VBA is a event driven programming language and you can program any actions that you would do manually in an Excel.
You can automate Excel using VBA to pull data from multiple sources, process data, generate reports and graphs and so much more. Called as Macros they help automate repetitive task.
Here is what is included-
Table Of Content
Chapter 1: Introduction to Macros in Excel
  1. What is a macro?
  2. The importance of macros in Excel
  3. What is VBA in a layman's language?
  4. Macro Basics
  5. Step by step example of recording macros in Excel
  6. Enable Developer Option
Chapter 2: Your Fist VBA in Excel
  1. What is VBA?
  2. Why VBA?
  3. Personal & business applications of VBA in excel
  4. Visual Basic for Applications VBA basics
  5. Enable Developer Option
  6. Step by step example of creating a simple EMI calculator in Excel
Chapter 3: VBA Data Types, Variables & Constant
  1. VBA Variables
  2. Excel VBA Data-Types
  3. Constant in VBA
Chapter 4: VBA Arrays
  1. What is an Array?
  2. What are Advantages of arrays?
  3. Types of arrays
  4. VBA Array Demonstrated with Example
  5. Testing our application
Chapter 5: VBA Excel Form Control & Activex Control
  1. Creating VBA Form/GUI controls in Excel
  2. How to use ActiveX control in VBA
  3. Prerequisite
Chapter 6: VBA Arithmetic Operators
Chapter 7: VBA String Operators
Chapter 8: VBA Comparison Operators
Chapter 9: VBA Logical Operators
Chapter 10: Excel VBA Call a Subroutine
  1. What is Subroutine?
  2. Why use subroutines
  3. Rules of naming subroutines and functions
  4. Subroutine practical example
Chapter 11: Excel VBA Function Tutorial: Return, Call, Examples
Chapter 12: VBA Range Objects
  1. What is VBA Range?
  2. Introduction to Referencing Objects in VBA
  3. How to refer to Excel VBA Range Object using Range property
  4. Refer to a Single cell using the Worksheet.Range Property
  5. Cell Property
  6. Range Offset property

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