Monday, December 16, 2019

[Free ebook]100 Excel TIPS QUESTION AND ANSWER

[Free ebook]100 Excel TIPS QUESTION AND ANSWER


After 30 years, Microsoft Excel remains ubiquitous in business. The world’s quarter of a billion knowledge
workers on average spend half an hour in the application every day. But despite this, Excel’s full capabilities
are still poorly understood. Of 100,000 workers we've tested over the past three years, less than half know
what Conditional Formatting - an essential feature - even does.
So what are Excel’s essentials? We reviewed articles written by Excel experts and combined this with aggregated
data from thousands of our customers to compile a list of the 100 most important Excel functions,
features, tips, tricks and hacks, ordered by utility. Where are your favourites?
How to use it
How many do you already know? Excel experts should know 80+, proficient users 60+, average users 40+ and
if you know fewer than 40, we’d class you as a beginner. Scan the list for tricks which:
a) you agree will be useful for you
b) you don’t yet know
c) ideally don’t take too long to learn
If you can find a handful that fulfil these criteria, learn them and become a more powerful human!

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