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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Excel VBA for Physicists: A Primer (Iop Concise Physics)

[Free Ebook]Excel VBA for Physicists: A Primer (Iop Concise Physics)



Product description

This book is both an introduction and a demonstration of how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can greatly enhance Microsoft Excel® by giving users the ability to create their own functions within a worksheet and to create subroutines to perform repetitive actions. The book is written so readers are encouraged to experiment with VBA programming with examples using fairly simple physics or non-complicated mathematics such as root finding and numerical integration. Tested Excel® workbooks are available for each chapter and there is nothing to buy or install.

About the Author

Bernard V Liengme attended Imperial College London for his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; he held post-doctoral fellowships at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of British Columbia. He has conducted extensive research in surface chemistry and the Mossbauer effect. He has been at St Francis Xavier University in Canada since 1968 as a Professor, Associate Dean, and Registrar, as well as teaching chemistry and computer science. He currently lectures part-time on business information systems. Bernard is also the author of other successful books: COBOL by Command (1996), A Guide to Microsoft Excel for Scientists and Engineers (now in its fourth edition), A Guide to Microsoft Excel for Business and Management (now in its second edition), Modelling Physics with Microsoft Excel(R) (2014), and SMath for Physics: A Primer (2015).

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